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I get a lot of questions concerning artist's websites.  

Here are a few ideas to consider if you are thinking about building a site or improving the one you have:

  • Make your site fast-loading with images of your work on the opening page.  Don't make them wait to see what you do - in today's world you can lose them while your cute entry is loading.  
  • Make it a free-standing site with your own dot-com address, i.e.  or if that is not available use your name in the address i.e.
  • Make it a service.  Potential customer to  see your work quickly and  learn where they can buy it  so make the connections to your galleries easy.
  • Give people a reason to come back: change images often and keep the work you show of the best quality you can produce.
  • Have your thumbnails large enough for people to see the image and make it possible for them to enlarge work if they want more detail. 
  • Let people know what you look like, show you in your studio or you out painting. Without going overboard, let potential customers get to know you.
  • Include links to other sites, especially to those who handle your work.
  • Avoid sound - music taste vary and even the greatest music gets tiring.
  • Avoid flash  - many customers still run slower computers on dial-up modems and flash takes time to load - time they could be looking at your art.  
  • Avoid weird fonts, sparkly dingbats, streaming video and anything else that will slow down loading your art or take the interest away from your artwork.

Remember, just having a website will not bring you thousand of clients.  Having a website will give you a place to refer potential clients so they can see a body of work you have done.